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Chapter not finished…

This chapter was not finished

We didn’t finished writing

Normally I’ll put a book down before finishing the sentence

but this time it feels wrong…this time i feel like my 5th grade teacher in the back of my head trying to figure out if my grammar was incorrect

Maybe i’m too attached to the picture perfect closures where I dot that period and make peace with everything.

Maybe i need to find a new route to peace

Paving A Nightmare (TEASER)

This is a current work in progress that I am developing around the ideas of How my environment has shaped my life plan/path The Hidden Traumas and Stresses w…

What do you know about John Vietnam and his impact ???

Chicago footwork  x Critical Dialogue 

1st Video from the Kuumba Lynx “Life Lenses” Crew

Teaser for the upcoming short film on the Chicago Footwork Battle at Takin’ It to the Streets 2013




Video Stills > Photos

Video Stills > Photos

Cham with Lady Sol and Reggae Soul Movement

Cham with Lady Sol and Reggae Soul Movement

Not So Rare

Not So Rare